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Caring for 
seniors, adults and the disabled in their own homes.
At Home Caring Angels, LLC
Serving our neighbors and families in
 Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties. 

At Home Caring Angels 
specializes in assisting people of all ages in maintaining their independence!   

As our Senior population grows, at times it is important that they receive some assistance to continue with the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  We can assist with this, in their homes, apartments or a senior living community! 

In a situation where there is a disability - whether it be permanent or short term,  we are available to assist with daily activities, including transportation (handicapped-accessible vehicles available) to the doctor, physical therapy or just the grocery store.

In the event of a prolonged illness (Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.) - although we are non-medical, we can offer assistance here as well.

For the families - acting as a caregiver is a wonderful thing, however it can also be very consuming - time-wise, physically and emotionally.  We can offer you respite time - time for yourself without the worries.

Our in home health care services can be scheduled around your needs - for as little as one hour up to all day - from daily to once a month!  We will work with you to develop an individualized service plan that fits your needs!  For a listing of our services, please browse through our links